Not Being Able To Go Home For The Holidays And Possible Alternatives

Nov 28, 2018 9:11:59 PM

There are stages to moving across the world, away from everything that you are familiar with. They do not necessarily go in order, and they do often fluctuate. I call them; the “What stage”, “The Oh I Know This stage”, “The I Don’t Want To Do This Anymore stage”, and lastly, “The I Can Do This stage”. When it comes to Holiday Season, these four stages definitely come into play stronger than ever. When it comes to not being able to go home for the holidays, the stages hit full speed. However, there is a way to make the “I Can Do This stage”, the winning stage.


Homesickness is a feeling that always dwells in the background, it is impossible to be rid of. It is okay to miss home, it is perfectly normal. Being thousands of miles away from your family during the holidays is indescribably difficult. Yes, in a way you will be alone, but you do not need to feel lonely. This is how the “I Can Do This stage” comes into play. Be proactive, do not let yourself linger in your homesickness. Do not let it overcome you.Try to find comfort in your friends, become familiar with Skype, and get involved with some holiday activities.


Many Universities have holiday events. Holiday film nights, Christmas themed parties, ice skating, and even skiing trips. I highly recommend engaging in an activity like this. The festive feel and happy cheers of everyone around can be very comforting. Ice skating is perfect because if you’re not a professional you and your friends can laugh and fall together. When it comes to this sensitive topic of missing the holidays back at home, the little things you do truly help. Try going out for a hot chocolate, go watch the Holiday Lights in your closest town be turned on for the very first time, and treat yourself to some holiday decorations. Perhaps some things that remind you of home.


The friends, and flatmates that you make and surround yourself with are an essential key to the I Can Do This stage. They can help pick you up when you’re down, and offer support. There are many cute holiday activities that you could do with them. For example, perhaps do Secret Santa or a gift exchange. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, ask your loved ones for recipes and try to recreate them. Or maybe, if you’re lucky, your flatmates will surprise you with an entire Thanksgiving feast of your own. Maybe if you’re lucky, home won’t feel so far away after all.

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