How to Make the Most of Networking During your Studies Abroad

Jan 16, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Most of us aim to study with thoughts of a future job in mind. One of the best parts of studying abroad is that it opens up many avenues of networking that can lead to new contacts and resources that can help your future self, whether it be in the job market or even just for some tips and tricks down the line. Here are some of the best ways to network during your studies in the UK!

1. Stay in Touch with Home Networks

One of the best ways to network while abroad is to leverage the networks you may have already made. Don’t lose track of any alumni resources from your undergraduate school, as this is a great way to get in contact with anyone who has moved to or has connections in the area you are studying! A lot of the major US universities have alumni networks in the UK, especially in London. For those who are a part of sororities or fraternaties, make sure you stay in touch with these networks, as well.

2. Join New Clubs/Organizations

Another great way to get involved and make contacts is becoming involved clubs and sports. An great example is Junior League. While Junior League may be exclusive to women, any kind of volunteer society is going to be a great way to grow your connections, all while doing good in the world. Sport is also another great way to connect with others – while this may be more of a social networking, you never realize when you may be invited out with the team and meet someone of influence!

3. Attend Program and Department Events

Depending on the size of your program, you may have separate events just for your department or course. These are excellent occasions in order to get to know your professors and department heads, and to further develop your interests in your subject. Speaking with professors regarding your goals can help in developing your projected career pathway, and you may even cultivate a contact that will help you in the future!

Remember, you are earning your degree as an investment in your future, so you want to set up those stepping stones as you go along. Networking is the best way to start the foundation of your career, but first you need to take the steps in earning your degree! Get in touch with one of our advisors to start your journey to the UK and your future!