Edinburgh: The Best City To Study An Event and Festival Management Degree In The World

Nov 19, 2015 10:00:00 PM

Event and Festival Management

A bold statement? We don’t think so!

If you’re looking to study an Event or Festival Management Master’s degree somewhere in the UK, or indeed the world, the chances are that the best city for you to study in is… Edinburgh!

Here’s why we think Edinburgh just has to be the best place to study, and maybe, the best place for work experience too…

Home to world-leading festivals

Covent Garden busker

Surely any city offering a festival & events management degree should have a vibrant cultural scene? Well lucky for those looking at Edinburgh as their preferred destination, you will be happy to know there are at least 14 major festivals that happen in the city each year.

This includes the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival that welcomes over 1.8 million visitors every year to the city, as well as the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the International Book Festival.

A global tourism hub


As well as being home to great festivals, Edinburgh is also a global tourism hub that welcomes over 1.3 million overseas visitors every year to the Scottish capital.

The most popular attraction besides the city’s festivals, is Edinburgh Castle that dominates the skyline and attracts 1.4 million people annually – a sign that visitors are coming to the city to experience the heritage as well as cutting-edge culture.

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How will this benefit my festival and events degree though?  Well, in a city full of tourism and cultural experiences, you can use Edinburgh as one big case study and explore why the city is home to some the world’s best attractions and famous festivals.  These real life examples will provide a strong understanding of festival and event management, providing the industry specific knowledge and skills needed for your future career.

Brilliant business tourism

Edinburgh Napier University

The image above is the award-winning EICC (Edinburgh International Conference Centre) which has welcomed over 2,500 events since it opened in 1995. The venue is a typical example of the wealth of business tourism that occurs in the city, which has combined to make Edinburgh the number one International Congress and Convention Association conference destination in the UK outside of London.

Edinburgh is also rated 21 in the top 50 European City ranking (ICCA, 2013) meaning for those students who wish to study modules like ‘International Business Event Management’, you are in the perfect place to see how one of the best cities for business tourism really works.

The best Event and Festival Management Master’s degree ever?

Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier is home to arguably the best Event and Festival Master’s degree in the world.

As well as being in the heart of the city’s cultural scene, the MSc International Event and Festival Management at Edinburgh Napier is a dynamic experience, which equips graduates with the practical know-how needed to successfully coordinate and plan international festivals or events and develop strategies for the overall industry.

In the degree, you will learn skills, such as formulating policy and planning for the future, as well as developing your abilities in research, time management and presentation methods.  You will also develop business and marketing skills that relate specifically to the management of large and small-scale events and festivals with an international focus.

With close connections within Edinburgh’s festival community and the number of events and festivals held in and around the city, you will have plenty of options through the university for part-time work and employment after graduation.

To find out more about the Master’s degree, including modules available to take, degree cost and more on Edinburgh Napier University, get in touch with the ATP Advisors today.

Photo credits: Magnus Hagdorn, John McSporran, Wikimedia

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