Distances Apart Can Bring Us Closer Together

Sep 19, 2017 11:25:16 PM

Studying in the United Kingdom has given me many things, ranging from a newfound taste for vegan Shepherd’s pie to a gratitude for the London Underground. One of the most important gifts which my two semesters abroad have bestowed upon me, however, is an increased appreciation for my friends and family.

I noticed something was different between my parents and I, both when I was home for spring break and over the summer. Noticing this difference was like looking at the horizon and seeing a house that had just been built, experiencing the familiar with a twinge of something new. Spending time with them was much lovelier because I was really paying attention it all. It was easy for me, even though I have always been really close to my parents, to take them for granted (somewhat) in high school and during my time at community college – we saw each other every day, after all. However, several months and thousands of miles apart made every moment shared between us just a little more noticeable.

Considering my two, might I say, amazing, dogs, I experienced this mindset more deeply. After seeing them after nearly seven months of separation, I was absolutely overjoyed to see their wagging tails and smiling faces (yes, I’m showing a use of anthropomorphism). Absence really did make my heart grow stronger for my ‘pups’, and every bark of theirs I heard, every (cute) quirk of theirs I noticed, and every time they rolled over for a belly rub was even more meaningful to me than it had been before I left for uni. It seems as if I had grown to be a little more mindful, even without the use of meditation!

The point of my story is that as you increase the physical distance between you and your family, friends, or anyone whom you really care about, you may become a little closer in other ways; this is just another reason why studying in the UK could just better your life. If you’re interested in broadening your horizons, please contact one of our ATP advisors today!