Benefits of a UK Degree in the US Job Market

Published: Aug 5, 2015
Updated: May 15, 2019

Many students worry about studying abroad because they fear their degrees may not transfer back to their domestic job market.

However, a 2012 report by the British Council indicated that 80% of US companies and 70% of Canadian companies demonstrated a strongly positive impression of degrees earned in the UK.

This means a degree earned in the UK may actually work to your benefit when measured against a US-based degree. Here are just a few reasons why…

1. Open to new experiences

Many employers these days are shying away from the “company man” model where an employee shows up, does their job without complaint and leaves at quitting time without comment.

Instead, they want employees who can think beyond their own position and take a “big picture” approach to problem solving.

People who travel outside their countries of origin tend to have more access to this type of problem-solving capability because they have been forced to overcome ethnocentric handicaps as well as difficulties communicating with different types of people.

This complex collection of skills tends to make this type of employee more valuable to employers and more likely to succeed in business.

2. Superior education

Most US and Canadian employers view degrees earned in the UK as at least equal if not superior to those obtained at American universities.

There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that the UK university system is geared toward proficiency in one’s declared field or subject instead of a broader “Renaissance Man” study paradigm like the ones used in the US.

This narrower focus and in-depth discussion of one’s chosen field lends greater expertise and a better understanding of the challenges in the field compared to US universities.

3. The “halo effect”

There are many UK universities that are familiar to American and Canadian employers and this is of great benefit to you. Having their name on your resume means you automatically are seen in a better light.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to walk straight into the top jobs. You’ll still need to fight and show your worth to an employer to get your dream position.

4. A different kind of learning

Because the UK university system does not rely on lectures and homework, but tutorials and independent study with a focus on early specialization in a given subject field, many Americans find the UK system confusing.

However, it is this very flexibility of format coupled with a heavy demand on the student to take responsibility for knowing the critical information inherent in the field that makes UK graduates more attractive.

Benefits of a UK degree

Obviously there are a lot of benefits to studying in the UK when it comes time to find a job. Knowing how employers see the UK system and how those perceptions influence your chances of getting a job are very important in deciding where and what to study.

For more information on how a UK degree can improve your chances of landing a great job or for more specific information concerning entry, financial aid or study options, Across the Pond is here to help with cutting-edge advice and a wide range of tools to help you succeed at your studies and beyond!

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