5 Things I could get used to SINCE STUDYING ABROAD IN Leeds

May 16, 2017 7:00:00 PM

Student Ambassador, Ashley, with her university friends

I’ve now lived in Leeds, Yorkshire for about 9 months and it has been an incredible experience! I am starting to feel more at home each day and have adapted to the many differences compared to back home. Here are 5 things I have grown accustomed to since moving across the pond, and ones I will be sad to leave behind…

1. Student Culture. 

I have studied abroad previously in the Netherlands, where the student culture was immense, but that has nothing on the University of Leeds! The city promotes the student vibe everywhere, with student discounts and deals throughout. Whether I am shopping for clothes or home necessities, there is a discount. This makes living here very affordable.

Leeds University is one of 4 universities in the city, so you will always run into students, wherever you go. Giving you the opportunity to network and meet new people.

2. Size of the city. 

This is something I am still trying to wrap my head around, it’s just so compact in comparison to U.S. cities. The time it would take for me to walk across all of Leeds may equal or be less than the time to walk from Hollywood to Canoga Park in Los Angeles. I enjoy that the distance is so limited, because I save money on not having to use transportation all the time.

3. Themed Nights. 

The celebration culture within the UK is very unique and I love it! From hen dos to birthday parties everyone gets into the spirit. Being a lively city, every week Leeds will have plenty of private or public celebrations organized.  Now, we do have themed nights in the U.S., but not quite as elaborate as the one’s I have attended here in the UK.  I have participated in more than 15 themed-nights since first moving here, such as Cheeky Nando’s or Alice in Wonderland, and I have some of the greatest memories from them. They are great distractions from the stress of assignments and revision and it’s such a creative way of bonding.

4. Lines… everywhere. 

I have become use to lining up or ‘queuing’ for everything. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t occur at home, but it happens more in Britain. Rather than stressing about having to wait for everything, it has taught me to be a little more patient. Queuing gives you the opportunity to slow down and take a breath, rather than always being on the go. It also allows for conversation with a new friend if the wait is extremely long!

5. Wi-Fi accessibility 

This may just be the European culture, but I wish we had as much Wi-Fi access as  in the UK. Being able to use WiFi so often reduced the costs of having to buy mobile data to keep in contact with family and friends back home! From eating out to shopping, I can always connect to a hotspot!

Leeds Cheer Team

These are only a small number of lifestyle changes that I have adapted to and I am sure there are more to come. Take a chance and learn about studying in the United Kingdom by contacting an Across The Pond advisor today!

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