5 Reasons Why Edinburgh Napier Is The Best University For International Tourism Management

Jan 20, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Edinburgh Napier campus

The place

At the heart of Scotland’s thriving tourism industry, Edinburgh is a great place to explore tourism-related businesses and attractions, which will help develop the skills that you need to begin your successful career in International Tourism Management.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the world’s largest arts festival, Edinburgh welcomes visitors from across the world, all year round – meaning that you will be exposed to a variety of cultures and of course, international tourists!  What more could you ask for as a tourism management student?

The Master’s Degree

The MSc International Tourism Management program at Edinburgh Napier is an advanced degree that will give you the precise knowledge that you will need to successfully manage an international tourism business in the UK, or anywhere that you want to go in the world.

Through classes (referred to as modules in the UK) such as Tourism Concepts and Issues, Managing Heritage Tourism and Experience Design and Management, you will gain an advanced understanding of the key trends involved in all areas of international tourism as well as broader skills such as strategy development and intercultural communication. 

The Career Opportunities

With a large number of tourist ventures and operations in and around the city, there are plenty of opportunities for part-time and volunteer work within your desired area of employment, both during your studies and after you graduate.

As a graduate of Edinburgh Napier, you will be an extremely qualified and popular job candidate within the industry – regardless of whether your career aspirations are local, or international!  The organizational and business skills that you develop as an International Tourism Management student mean that you will be well prepared to progress in the career of your choice.  Typical career paths taken by Tourism Management graduates include:

  • Destination Marketing
  • Cultural Services Management
  • Airlines
  • Festival and Event Management
  • Public Sector Organizations
  • Hospitality Management
  • Tour Operators
  • Sports Management

And many more!  The transferable skills that you will acquire as part of the degree at Edinburgh Napier will give you the ability to excel in any role that you may choose.

The next simple steps…

Applying for International Tourism Management at Edinburgh Napier couldn’t be simpler, just get in touch with one of our Across The Pond Advisors today and they will assist you with all aspects of your application.

Fulfil your dream, and study your International Tourism Management degree at Edinburgh Napier University.

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