5 Reasons Why a US Student Should Study Their Degree In The UK

Feb 28, 2017 12:57:00 PM

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Studying abroad may seem like a costly upheaval compared to continuing higher education back home. There are, however, a host of benefits to studying in a different country. But, why choose the UK? We list 5 reasons why a North American student should take their degree across the pond…

1. Cost

Often the cost of studying in the UK is comparative or cheaper to studying at home. Both the standard university fees, fluctuations in exchange rate and length of full degree programs play a part. In the UK, a high quality undergraduate degree can be achieved in just 3 years and a graduate degree in just 1 year, saving time and money.

2. Professional Exposure

Exposure is one way to connect with the right people and progress careers. But this all depends on the type of career desired and the kind of exposure needed. The UK is a gateway to Europe, and therefore opens great international networking opportunities. Not only that, having a degree from the UK allows a resume to stand out from the crowd, and the opportunity for overseas work experience.

 3. Education

The UK is home to many top universities, with sixteen of the UK’s universities ranking in the top 100 higher educational institutions across the world (2015-16 Times Higher Education (THE)). Furthermore, out of 800 universities featured, 78 institutions are from the UK.

 4. Quicker degree specialism

Our UK partners offer three year undergraduate degrees, and 1 year Master’s. Although it might seem that there’s not as much to learn as in the longer degrees back home, this actually means students scrap the general learnings that American higher education offers. In the UK, modules are specific to subject choice, and often students can choose specific subject areas to focus on in some parts of their degree.

 5. Adventure

The UK also offers a multi-cultural and dynamic place to study. Students are able to learn more about themselves, build on opinions and confirm beliefs studying alongside students from across the world. It’s also not all about the time spent in academia; the UK is in an incredibly convenient location for students to travel cheaply to the rest of Europe, and beyond! Imagine how much learning can be done and the opportunities it brings for the wider family and friends to visit!

Our eBook Study In The UK: The Parent’s Guide, will offer students and parents more information about studying a degree in the UK, along with the practicalities that are important to consider before starting to apply to UK universities. Download the guide for to get you all ready for that study abroad adventure!

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