5 Reasons to Study in England

May 15, 2018 2:00:00 PM

There are dozens of reasons to study in the UK, but that’s just the first step in a series of decisions in this process. Once you’re committed to studying in Britain, it’s important to decide where in the UK you want to study. There are different pros to studying in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but here are five reasons you should consider studying in England.

1. Cost

Outside of London, England is one of the most affordable places to study. There are dozens of smaller cities and towns that house some of the most impressive universities in all of the UK. The cost of living in areas like the Midlands or the south is dramatically lower than the city of London, and they still manage to provide any and every kind of university life you could want. Prefer city life? Newcastle, Leeds, and Liverpool are for you. Prefer a more rural experience? Check out York, Winchester, or Worcester. No matter what you’re looking for, England has something for you.

2. Time

More than just cost, English universities provide an education in far less time than other areas of the world. You’re not just getting a great, cost-effective education, you’re getting one in less time. In just three years, you can earn a Bachelor’s degree from a world-ranked university, an in one year, you can earn a Master’s degree that would command respect from everyone. There’s no better way to advance your education in a time-effective way.

3. Globally Ranked Universities

England is home to some of the most well-respected universities in the world. King’s College, York, Exeter, and Durham are world-ranking universities, but you can’t go wrong studying in England, as every degree you could possibly earn will be from an institution that is likely well-known and respected on the global stage.

4. English Culture and History

English culture is one of the most popular exports from the UK for a reason. The cultural and historical advantages of studying in England can’t be overstated. For many, studying here will be tantamount to immersing oneself in a culture they had only previously experienced through movies and television. Explore the English countryside, walk through centuries-old castles, and stand in place where people have been living and working since before the United States even existed.

5. Geographic Advantages

For all England’s advantages, though, there is, of course, far more to the UK than just England. Studying in England provides you with a fantastic base-of-operations for further exploration of not just Britain, but all of Europe. Studying in England places you just a few hours from the gorgeous Welsh beaches and breathtaking Scottish Highlands that simply blow you away. Just a few hours’ drive or train ride, and you can be seeing parts of the world that look to be straight out of a painting. Furthermore, the plethora of airports around England and cheap travel opportunities for the rest of Europe will ensure you’re never too far from Paris, Amsterdam, or any other European city you can imagine. England places you close enough to explore all of them in a cost effective and time efficient way.

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