3 Career Opportunities for a Journalism Graduate

Mar 9, 2016 9:09:36 AM


If you believe that the only job you can get as a journalism graduate is becoming a journalist, you are mistaken. Having developed a fantastic set of skills, there are an array of job opportunities out there for a journalism graduate, including attention to detail, communication and content development – with those, you can go nearly anywhere.

So what career opportunities are out there for a journalism graduate? Keep reading to find out more about three of the most sought after roles:


Probably the most obvious job for a journalism graduate… Reporters research and write stories for national, regional and local press – on various channels, print, online, radio, or even TV. Often, junior reporters write up stories that are allocated to them by the news desk. As you progress, you’ll take care of the whole process.

Here is what a typical reporter’s role would include:

  • Interviewing people, sometimes under sensitive circumstances
  • Seeking out and investigating stories
  • Attending press conferences and asking questions
  • Producing concise and accurate copy
  • ‘Live’ online reporting when covering important events


This job role would utilize your great grammar and copy writing skills. You could have the opportunity to work on a range of publications including books, journals, newspapers and more (which can include editing manuscripts before they are published – exciting!).

Take a look at what your work activities would look like:

  • Sub-editing text to maintain a consistent house style
  • Ensuring publications are prepared on budget and to schedule
  • Liaising regularly with authors and publishers
  • Creating artwork briefs to detail the content of illustrations
  • Partaking in the decisions of which pieces are published

Commentator/Broadcast presenter

If you feel comfortable in the spotlight and would enjoy being the public face or voice of program or sporting events that are broadcast on the television, radio, or internet, this could be the job role for you. The nature of this job would vary according to a program’s subject matter, but you will always have to present information or entertainment in an accessible and attractive way, in order to keep the attention of your audience. But what would this job role entail? Let’s take a look…

  • Introducing and hosting programs
  • Interviewing guests
  • Researching topics and background information
  • Keeping a program running to schedule
  • Writing, and sometimes memorizing, scripts

What else is out there?

If none of these three roles appeal to you, there are many other areas you could venture into as a journalism graduate including: copywriting, public relations specialist, journalism professor, production worker or even something completely unrelated to the industry.

With a degree in journalism, you will build a desirable set of skills that will make you an attractive employee for various job roles. So, are you interested in taking the next step to apply for a degree in journalism? Where better to study than Edinburgh Napier…

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