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Settling in was easier than I expected

Deciding to study abroad to earn my masters degree was the biggest decision of my life. It was also the best. This experience is one that I certainly will never forget. Settling in was easier than I expected.

At the University of Lincoln, we had a week of different welcoming orientations relating to your specific course, sport societies, clubs and other organisations, and information regarding the university amenities. The city of Lincoln is beautiful. Lincoln can be very busy, but it is not a loud city by any means. There are various restaurants, pubs, and clothing and tea shops along the High Street and continue up Steep Hill, where you will also find the Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral. Lincoln is quite a small city; so exploring the city is easy (and cheap) to do because you can get around by foot.

I chose the University of Lincoln because it had a course specific for MSc Accounting, and was not a combination of accounting, finance, logistics, and management as some of my other uni choices offered. The campus itself is really nice, and definitely helped with my decision to go here. It took me a little while to stop converting British pounds to U.S. dollars, but once that stopped it made the cost of living not seem so different. But in reality, it is definitely more expensive for me to live here. I live in university accommodation for postgraduates. My building is new and has only been used one year prior to me. It is very modern and some of the nice student accommodation I’ve ever lived in.

In my spare time I’m usually off exploring Lincoln; it’s a small city, but I always manage to find something new! My friends and I also go out to pubs and clubs on occasion as well. My favourite thing to do in my spare time is going on weekend or day trips. Traveling in the UK is really easy and often inexpensive, so my friends and I try to explore different areas whenever we can. I have only traveled around different parts of England so far, but I will be headed to Paris in the next few weeks! I also still have plenty of time left here to continue traveling when my free time is extended a little more!

My advice to new students would be to make the most of your time abroad. Being able to get my Masters Degree in Accounting while traveling throughout the UK and Europe has made this decision to study abroad the best experience of my life.

Across The Pond made the decision to study abroad a lot easier for me. They were extremely helpful from the beginning planning stages all the way until end when I actually left the country. I don’t know if I could’ve done all of it, especially the application process and visa process, without their help and support!

Melinda  Bednarz

Lincoln, University of